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Main benefits of joining the

Gurgaon Connection

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Newcomer's information & Support

Being a member of an expat community like GC gives you an opportunity to learn from people who have first hand knowledge of how things work in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. This can steer you clear of potential pitfalls and save you time by focusing less on the “how to do” and more on the “doing”. There are plenty of people in our group and newcomers team who are ready to share their experience of living & working in India. Fellow GC members are often willing to share & offer valuable insights and knowledge to help you overcome any hurdles you encounter.

Coffee Mornings, Meet-ups , Socials & Networking

Our weekly Coffee Mornings & Socials are a great excuse to meet like minded people; not to mention the many friendships & memories you will form here are lifelong. You may forge friendships and companionship with those who share your own language, and benefit from being able to talk face to face with ease with other expats from different Countries.

Discount Vendors

Once you become a member of Gurgaon Connection you will enjoy discounts from many companies, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Shops, Hospitals & vendors throughout Gurgaon - Delhi National Capital Region. You can acess this list online or request our Newcomer's team. *You may be required to show your GC Card for availing any discounts (Given to all GC Members).


Activity based Groups

If you like Book Reading, Chess, Tennis, Golf, Cricket or Football, You will always find people who share similar interests forming their own teams. GC provides a platform for such individuals who are interested in activity based meet-ups. Parents with young Children may find fantastic support for their Kids: you may get out regularly, meet others and your children find playmates.

The list is infinite and so are the possibilities.

Look forward to see you at our next Coffee Morning.

Getting Involved

We support a few selected Charities and non-profit bodies in an effort to contribute back to the society.

Should you wish to get involved with this kind of activity, you are always welcome to Join our Charity Support team or Join our volunteer team to become a co-coordinator for one of the many roles required for the smooth functioning of our Group.

You are always Welcome. :)

Here's how you can join

In Person
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